Industrial Lights FAQ

Industrial Lights FAQ

Industrial lights FAQ number 1: Is it a case of one size fits all when it comes to industrial lighting?

No. There are many different types of industrial light and varying bulbs to go with them. The same lights and bulbs could be used for a variety of different applications but they would not be ideally suited. For example, the same type of light would not be used to illuminate the interior of a warehouse as would be used to illuminate a forecourt in front of the warehouse. Each light and bulb combination has a specialist application and should therefore ideally be used in the setting for which it was designed.

Industrial lights FAQ number 2: What are the main types of industrial lights that are available today?

There are literally thousands of different industrial lights available and even more types of bulb to fit the lights. However, the two types of industrial lights that are most commonly employed within industry are floodlights and strip lights. Floodlights are generally used outdoors and are designed to flood an area with ample light. They may be used to illuminate forecourts or entrances to buildings or many other applications. They are versatile in that they can be used with timers or even movement sensors to allow them to be used as security lights. Strip lights on the other hand are generally used indoors to illuminate large spaces such as warehouses. They require relatively little energy and produce a good standard of light across a long thin bulb which is reflected into the space below. While there are many other types of industrial lights available, floodlights and strip lights are the most common to be found in an industrial setting.

Industrial lights FAQ number 3: What are the advantages of using security lights on industrial premises?

When it comes to security lighting there are generally two different options which are used in conjunction with floodlights: timers and motion detection. Floodlights on timers are designed to be activated at a particular time every evening. They can be useful in that they can create the illusion of occupancy late at night when there is actually no one present, thus acting as a deterrent. Moreover, they illuminate large areas very effectively, therefore making intrusion very difficult. Floodlights with motion detectors are activated by motion within the field of view of their motion sensor. They are useful in that they will illuminate any intruder moving within their field of view, thus providing a substantial deterrent.

Industrial lights FAQ number 4: Are strip lights the most suitable type of light to be used within a warehouse or factory?

While strip lights provide a large amount of light over a wide area, they can often produce insufficient light for sensitive operations. Therefore, it would be sensible to use strip lights for overall lighting across the whole building but to have flood lights available for sensitive areas that can be activated as and when they are required to provide light of greater intensity.

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