Industrial Light Fittings

Industrial Light Fittings

There are a huge variety of industrial light fittings available, all of which are more appropriate to different applications than others. Within a typical industrial complex lighting will be required for both indoor and outdoor environments and more specifically lighting will be required for security purposes, to illuminate large indoor spaces, to provide more concentrated lighting within critical areas of a building and to illuminate large outdoor spaces. There are industrial light fittings available for each individual application but care must be taken to select the light that is most suited to the particular application.


Floodlights are generally most suited to an outdoor environment where large amounts of light are required to illuminate outdoor expanses. Such lights are ideally suited to illuminating outdoor forecourts or even at an elevation to illuminate the entire industrial complex as a whole. They can be mounted on the walls of buildings or even on purpose made towers to provide ample illumination for any outdoor industrial area. Moreover, floodlights of all industrial light fittings are ideally suited to a role as security lights when equipped with a timer or a motion detector. A timer enables the floodlight to be activated at a particular time every evening, producing the illusion of occupancy even in the dead of night and thus providing an effective deterrent against intrusion. Likewise, by using a motion detector the floodlights will be activated when any motion is detected within the light's field of vision, providing an effective deterrent against intrusion.

Floodlights may also be used in an indoors setting in some circumstances where intense and concentrated light is required in addition to the general overall lighting. This may be in a situation where a critical operation takes place, thus requiring greater levels of lighting. Such lights should be capable of being activated in isolation to the general lighting that is required on a daily basis.

Strip lights

Strip lights are industrial light fittings that provide light from a long, thin bulb to illuminate a large area indoors. Strip lights consume relatively little energy and produce a moderate amount of light, suitable for general lighting within a warehouse or factory. However, in areas where more intense lighting is required strip lights may need to be supplemented with more powerful, focused lights. Strip lights tend to be attached to the ceiling in premises with low ceilings and suspended from ceilings in premises with high ceilings. These types of industrial light fittings are not appropriate for outdoors use.

Whether looking for industrial light fittings for an indoors site such as a warehouse or factory or for an outdoors site such as a forecourt or even for an entire industrial complex including both indoors and outdoors areas, it is well worth taking the time to determine which fitting is the most appropriate for the particular area of the complex. By examining the advantages and disadvantages of each fitting including floodlights and strip lights the industry can be sure to operate the best lighting for the setting.

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